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Images on Westpix represent just a portion of our photographic archives. If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us.

KGM-0038206 © WestPix Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital's newest interns Aidan Allen-Hall, Vaisnavi Aurubind and Alex Lugg. Picture: Kelsey Reid
SUN-1404105 © WestPix Kulin has had more babies in the last year than any other place in Western Australia. Pictured - Casey Williams with Amriah Spencer, Cindy Mulan with Parker, Steph Marh with Mae Bradford, Gen Whisson with Huxley and Elle Bowey with Will. Picture: Daniel Wilkins
KGM-0026391 © WestPix Jockey Glenn Smith wins the $100,000 Hahn Electrical Coolgardie Cup (1760m) on I'm Feeling Lucky. (Picture: Louise White) 5th September 2016
KGM-0026393 © WestPix Royal Flying Doctor Nurse Daniel Moore with his five children, Thomas 7, James 4, Jonathan 4, Emily 8 and Ethan 3. Picture: Mary Meagher.
KGM-0026435 © WestPix A small brook in John Forrest National Park. Picture: Rebecca Nadge
KGM-0026441 © WestPix The bridge over Bell's Rapids. Picture: Rebecca Nadge
ALA-0000484 © WestPix Albany Port. Picture: Laurie Benson Albany Advertiser
KGM-0026383 © WestPix Gold Road Resources geologist Shane Miller at the Gruyere core farm. Picture: Jarrod Lucas
CTY-0003198 © WestPix AGT's new wheat variety Scepter. 14 SEPTEMBER 2015. Picture: Danella Bevis Countryman
CTY-0003228 © WestPix Bencubbin farmer Mark Fitzpatrick is one of 47 farmers in a David and Goliath legal battle against Emerald Grain. 22 AUGUST 2016 Picture: Danella Bevis The West Australian
CTY-0003258 © WestPix WA Food Ambassador Don Hancey cooked dry-aged Merino mutton with a difference at the Good Food and Getaways Pavilion at Dowerin. Picture: Bob Garnant
NAR-0003473 © WestPix Machines of all shapes in sizes paraded up the main streets of the college in the Grand Parade of Machinery. Pictures David Charlesworth
NAR-0003477 © WestPix Kallum Hughes, Zander Arnold, James McKenzie and Nick Brown in the final of the shearing competition. Pictures David Charlesworth
ALA-0000467 © WestPix Canola crop north of The Stirlings at The Lily. Picture: Laurie Benson Albany Advertiser
KGM-0026254 © WestPix Sandstone's famous London Bridge. Picture: Rebecca Nadge
KGM-0026255 © WestPix A colourful welcome into the town. Picture: Rebecca Nadge
TWA-0051972 © WestPix Collection of wildflowers coming out in Kings Park.   Picture by Sharon Smith The West Australian  25 August 2016
KGM-0026070 © WestPix Rugged rocks near West Beach. Picture: Rebecca Nadge
KGM-0026077 © WestPix A pleasant trail off the Mount Barren Lookout. Picture: Rebecca Nadge
KGM-0026080 © WestPix The garden is already attracting native visitors. Picture: Rebecca Nadge
KGM-0026094 © WestPix North Kalgoorlie Primary School Principal David Roberts is a keen triathlete. Picture: Georgia Foulkes-Taylor.
WAN-0027470 © WestPix Wildflowers in full bloom at Coalseam Conservation Park near Mingenew and Mullewa. Pic Mogens Johansen, The West Australian
WAN-0027472 © WestPix A kangaroo in full flight amongst yellow Pompom flowers at Coalseam Conservation Park near Mingenew and Mullewa. Pic Mogens Johansen, The West Australian
CTY-0003178 © WestPix Dowerin Field Days preview. New Chair of of Dowerin Events, Michael Metcalf in his canola crop. Picture by Sharon Smith The Countryman  28 June 2016
SWT-1401887 © WestPix RDA Secretary Marie Mortimore and Daisy the horse are grateful from TAB WA  Picture: Jon Gellweiler
KGM-0025923 © WestPix Cable Beach looking back to the Blowholes. Picture: Rebecca Nadge
CTY-0003151 © WestPix Moojepin ewes are selected for high fat for reproductive efficiency and survivability duing harsh seasons. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0003155 © WestPix Land being prepared at Kimberley Agricultural Investment's Ord Stage 2 development. (Jul7 27, 2016) Picture: Rourke Walsh
CTY-0003157 © WestPix The challenge for the WA sheep indusry is to increase production to meet the growing world demand for meat and fibre. Picture: Bob Garnant
KGM-0025720 © WestPix Moss gardens at Boondi Rocks. Picture: Rebecca Nadge
CTY-0003118 © WestPix The new McIntosh & Sons premises at Wongan Hills. Picture: Jo Fulwood
CTY-0003136 © WestPix Delighted with the big wet in Mingenew, Johel Mitchell and Martin Whitely in the sodden wheat crop. Picture by Sharon Smith The Countryman  18 July 2016
CTY-0003105 © WestPix Lifetime Ewe Management is a national program which optimises ewe production and the lifetime performance on her progeny's production. Picture: Bob Garnant
KGM-0025400 © WestPix KCGM graduate geologist Ben Nichols and geologist Beth Cheney explore near Mt Hunt. Picture: Jarrod Lucas
KGM-0025365 © WestPix Lake Ballard, created by world-acclaimed sculptor Antony Gormley. Picture Rebecca Nadge
KGM-0025317 © WestPix The cattle find visitors intriguing. Picture: Rebecca Nadge
KGM-0025318 © WestPix A typical Outback road shot. Picture: Rebecca Nadge
KGM-0025319 © WestPix Rowles Lagoon Nature Reserve. Picture: Rebecca Nadge
KGM-0025341 © WestPix Hoofprints and reeds line the water's edge. Picture: Rebecca Nadge
KGM-0025228 © WestPix Forrests surrounding Norseman. Picture: Rebecca Nadge
KGM-0025174 © WestPix A feathery friend. Picture: Rebecca Nadge
CTY-0003093 © WestPix Techwool Trading western region wool buyer Russell Fraser backs higher wool prices and is proud to represent the largest buyer of Australian wool during the 2015/16 wool buying season. Picture: Bob Garnant
TWA-0045919 © WestPix Everlastings near Paynes Find in September. Picture: Stephen Scourfield The West Australian
FAR-0007196 © WestPix Elephant Rocks at Denmark in WA's South West. Picture: Farhad Mobarra
FAR-0007212 © WestPix A tiny blue wren perched on a branch. Picture: Farhad Mobarra
FAR-0007214 © WestPix Sugarloaf Rock, Dunsborough. Picture: Farhad Mobarra
FAR-0007225 © WestPix A scarlet robin sits on railway tracks in Beedelup. Picture: Farhad Mobarra
FAR-0007226 © WestPix Trees reflected in a lake at Beedelup. Picture: Farhad Mobarra
FAR-0007228 © WestPix Farming scene in the Stirling Ranges. A Twenty Eight parrot sits on a fence. Picture: Farhad Mobarra
FAR-0007233 © WestPix A tree lined dirt road. Picture: Farhad Mobarra
IMB-0006162 © WestPix Boranup Forest scenic drive, Margaret River Region, WA. Picture: Rosaria Imbroglia
IMB-0006139 © WestPix Toad trip down south - Fitzgerald National Park.
IMB-0006147 © WestPix Road trip panorama - Margaret River. Grey clouds over green fields.
CTY-0001358 © WestPix Australia's farmers are set use better genetics to breed better working dogs.
CTY-0000817 © WestPix Poll Merino maiden ewes at Geoff Teasdale's Badgingarra property. APRIL 6 2015.
WAN-0011803 © WestPix Mustering at Liveringa Station. Picture: Sharon Smith, The West Australian
TWA-0009623 © WestPix The world's best surfers surf North Point in Gracetown after yesterday's round in the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro. Ricardo Christie perfroms an aerial. Photo by Michael Wilson, The West Australian 17th April 2015.
CTY-0000097 © WestPix COUNTRYMAN. Multi Purpose Merinos at Badgingarra. (file pic) PICTURE: DANELLA BEVIS
CTY-0001549 © WestPix COUNTRYMAN. Badgingarra sheep producer Dennis Martin aims to get as many lambs on the ground as possible. PICTURE: DANELLA BEVIS
WAN-0011886 © WestPix Morning track work at Kalgoorlie Boulder Racing Club: Friarday is ridden by Eliza Finger. Pic: Michael Wilson, The West Australian, 18th September 2014.
TWA-0000512 © WestPix Spinifex. Joffre Gorge. Karijini National Park.
KGM-0019946 © WestPix Emu Creek station beef producers Darryl Penny & Joyce Penny walk in the early morning through the now dry Emu Creek riverbed.. With working dogs Murphy (on left)  Ripper (black & tan kelpie) & Tilly (black & white tiny puppy)
TWA-0026902 © WestPix Beautiful Little Beach in Two People's Bay national park must be seen to be believed.
WAN-0000388 © WestPix Ningaloo Whale Shark Festival: An aerial view of Ningaloo Reef which is a major feeding ground for the Whale Sharks. Pic: Michael Wilson, The West Australian, 24th May 2014.
CTY-0003113 © WestPix Canola flowering west of Kellerberrin. PICTURE: DANELLA BEVIS
WAN-0002924 © WestPix Wildflowers of the Coral Coast day 3 Kalbarri. An old stone cottage near Northhampton.
TWA-0002377 © WestPix Royal Hakea, Fitzgerald River National Park, WA
WAN-0013302 © WestPix Western Australian State Election coverage. Local Coolgardie resident Noel McKay. He is pictured inside a 'museum' of items he's collected over the past 30 or so years, full of history about the area and how camels were instrumental in the early days of the area. It is part of his business, Coolgardie Camel Farm. 30th January, 2012.
TWA-0005432 © WestPix An emu at the Pinnacles desert at Nambung National Park, Cervantes. Pic Mogens Johansen, The West Australian 240113
TWA-0001907 © WestPix Kimberley Moon Experience - Kununurra - Socials:  Picture - Lee Griffith / The West Australian   2nd June 2012
TWA-0005808 © WestPix Wildflowers 2012 Scarlett Runner - Green Head
WAN-0002012 © WestPix Christmas Island: Christmas Island Red Crab. Pic: Michael Wilson, WA News, 11th January 2012...
WAN-0003249 © WestPix Wildflowers - Z Bend Gorge, Kalbarri Pink Milkmaids
TWA-0005454 © WestPix Iconic Images - The colours of Geikie Gorge aS reflected in the Fitzroy River as the sun sets. Picture: Steve Ferrier 24rd March 2008
WAN-0011833 © WestPix Aerial view of colourful market gardens north of Perth. Picture Sandra Jackson The West Australian
WAN-0001414 © WestPix IMAGES OF THE DECADE All Ears Up: Watching over a misty paddock in Moodiarrup, WA, a pet kangaroo and kelpie aptly named Jo Jo and Brown Dog observe a flock of sheep on the move. Jo Jo thinks she is a sheep dog, eating dog biscuits, jumping on the back of the ute and rounding up sheep. She even barks like a dog. Picture: Astrid Volzke
TWA-0004133 © WestPix Mellow yellow: A pink everlasting sits alone in a field of golden long-heads in the Coalseam Conservation Park, north of Mingenew.
TWA-0003463 © WestPix Ord Valley Muster. Rising: A Kimberley moon rising this week.  Pictures: Stephen Scourfield
TWA-0006179 © WestPix WA Landscape Toodjay Rd Lookout, Red Hill. Sun setting over Perth city. Local farmer Kerry Bailey with his blue heeler Elly.  Every year Kerry watches the Australia Day fireworks from this spot which over looks John Forrest National Park and a breathtaking view of Perth.
TWA-0003412 © WestPix The Ord River Irrigation area. Kimberley.
TWA-0004615 © WestPix Gaggle: Magpie geese on Parry Creek Lagoon.
ALA-0000422 © WestPix For a long time Australia rode on the sheep's back and many farmers will tell you that would not have been possible without working dogs. Kelpies have been bred to suit Australia's rugged conditions and they are a dog that can be adapted to any situation, including tricky yard work, or intense mustering.
TWA-0004568 © WestPix SCENES FROM OUR SPECTACULAR STATE - Shore thing: The Derby jetty at sunset is the perfect place for friends to enjoy good conversation and good wine, says Ayla-May Delvin. Picture: Steve Ferrier
TWA-0003702 © WestPix On a high: Kimberley horseman Dan James shows his style for his daily performances at the Perth Royal Show. Picture: Astrid Volzke
TWA-0003126 © WestPix Kimberley colours that will be featued in scenes in the epic movie Australia. There are 213 species of birds at Kingston Rest.
CTY-0000560 © WestPix The Dinner Tree boab in Derby. Kimberley
TWA-0007986 © WestPix Sunset on the coral reef at Kalbarri.
WAN-0002466 © WestPix Cold Snap - A kelpie stretches his legs in the early morning mist on a farm in Moodiarrup, 240km south of Perth.
TWA-0049771 © WestPix Canola paddock. Picture: Rob Duncan
TWA-0007966 © WestPix Wildflowers at Hi Vallee Farm near Badgingarra.
TWA-0008016 © WestPix Wildflowers near Cobra Station
WAN-0004033 © WestPix A Benedectine monk heads for mass on a cold , foggy morning at New Norcia. The Victroia Plains district had a heavy fog with visability for some motorists down to a few metres.
TWA-0007997 © WestPix Fishing at sunset on Cable Beach, Broome.
TWA-0007961 © WestPix Working dog jumps out of a ute on Wooleen Station.
TWA-0003854 © WestPix Chapman Valley Farmer Ted Hosking walks over part of his 450 acres of devistated wheat crop, damaged by hail.
TWA-0007379 © WestPix Coral Bay Feature: 25 year old Yasmin Hunt of Coral Bay who works as an underwater tour guide with Coral Bay Adventures swims with her friends at a place called Asho's Gap at Ningaloo reef.
TWA-0006008 © WestPix A Moment In Time Special.  For Big Weekend.  Stockmen return to camp after a days muster at Mt Elizabeth station in the Kimberley.
TWA-0007562 © WestPix The crisp still mornings of this very dry summer were never more evident than at Pemberton where Max Hewitt cast a line in the lake at Glauders Cottage about eight kilometres from Pemberton on the Warren River. The normal stormy  winter fronts have not been coming through and have given way to still foggy conditions giving perfect reflections of the Karri fo
KGM-0037497 © WestPix Front page for the Kalgoorlie Miner. 6 Dec 2017. Group has sweet smell of success.
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