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Images on Westpix represent just a portion of our photographic archives. If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us.

KGM-0037497 © WestPix Front page for the Kalgoorlie Miner. 6 Dec 2017. Group has sweet smell of success.
KGM-0038504 © WestPix Hannan's Colin Stewart amd Matt Ralph. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038505 © WestPix Kalgoorlie Kickboxing owner and instructor Jacko Varley with wife and assisstant trainer Jo Callaghan. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038506 © WestPix North Kalgoorlie's Beau Hills. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038507 © WestPix North Kalgoorlie captain Trent Mais. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038508 © WestPix Homeless Team coordinator Dena Rundle and sobering up shelter worker Crystal O'Loughlin. Picture: Joanna Delalande.
KGM-0038509 © WestPix Dizzy Knitters Lesley Gardiner (left) and Myrna Holt (far right) with fundraising recipients True Brothers Pete Baumer and Michael Plozza (centre). Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038510 © WestPix 2018 Nurse Grad Program. Front: Connor Ballard, WACHS Goldfields regional director Geraldine Ennis, Eloise Welsh, Samantha Black, head of grad nurse development Kirsten Fleming. Middle: Caoimbe Pedder, Varinder Kaur, Rebbecca Tupling; nurse manager Lisa Natoli. Back row: Jorjia Chatfield, Madison Biggs, Tanya Watson and regional nurse director Carol Erlank.
KGM-0038511 © WestPix Kalgoorlie Kickboxing owner and instructor Jacko Varley with wife and assisstant trainer Jo Callaghan. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038512 © WestPix Anita Jackman-Davey with her children Bay Jackman-Davey, 3 and Luella Jackman-Davey, 4. Picture: Andrew Murdoch
KGM-0038513 © WestPix Gibbson Van Houtte, 8, and Jorja Van Houtte, 10 . Picture: Andrew Murdoch
KGM-0038514 © WestPix Jack Murphy, 7, and Daniel Murphy, 9. Picture: Andrew Murdoch
KGM-0038515 © WestPix Lyle Gilbert and Owen Gilbert, 9. Picture: Andrew Murdoch
KGM-0038516 © WestPix Daniel Glide, 8, and Jacob Glide, 6, Glide with Sam Coysh, 8. Picture: Andrew Murdoch
KGM-0038517 © WestPix The Ford family Ebony  Ford, 4, Barb  Ford, Dave  Ford and Chloe  Ford, 5. Picture: Andrew Murdoch
KGM-0038518 © WestPix Zander Williams, 10 and Toby Smith, 9. Picture: Andrew Murdoch
KGM-0038519 © WestPix Wesley Beeson, 5, Keeley Champman, 9, Phoebe Castlehow, 9, Olivia Beeson, 8, art teacher Margie McIntosh and Talor Lally, 8 admiring the WA Quilters Asssociation display. Picture: Andrew Murdoch
KGM-0038520 © WestPix Principal Kylie McClerie (centre) with teachers Emma Wishart and Marnie Smith. Picture: Andrew Murdoch
KGM-0038521 © WestPix Lake View's Jack Dasborough. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038522 © WestPix Great Boulder celebrate a wicket. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038523 © WestPix Lake View's Jordan Hooks. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038524 © WestPix Great Boulder's Josh Rushmore. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038525 © WestPix Lake View's Jack Dasborough. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038526 © WestPix Great Boulder's Luke Kenna. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038527 © WestPix Lake View's Josh Harper. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038418 © WestPix La Boheme Opera at the Goldfields Arts Centre. Imelda Doyle, Janine Jewitt, Mrs Doyle, Helen Kirk & Mara Marzi. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038420 © WestPix Franchise's Lou Causer against CBC's Jordan Delbridge and Riley Duncan. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038421 © WestPix Bailey Ryan, Jacob Spurr and Nick Miller. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038422 © WestPix CBC's Riley Duncan lines up for a shot. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038423 © WestPix Franchise's Luke Nugentand Hayden Hutchenson. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038424 © WestPix Franchise's Russell Hurst. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038425 © WestPix Franchise's Luke Nugent drives past CBC's Jordan Delbridge as Riley Duncan, Hayden Hutchenson and Jake Hodgson look on. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038426 © WestPix CBC's Dion Gulley lines up. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038427 © WestPix Jacob Classen and Ulrich Classen. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038428 © WestPix Three students from Swan View SHS have been awarded YAL scholarships to help them complete their education. Kawlija-Merle Brahim (14), Shontae Coyne (15) and Bertha Moore (14). Picture: Simon Santi The West Australian
KGM-0038429 © WestPix Boulder Rotary Club president Jim Fleming and youth director Darren Wallace flank scholarship winners Joshua Campbell, Jorja Bean-Mundy and Robbie Walker. Picture Andrew Murdoch
KGM-0038430 © WestPix Renee Oldenhof and son Flynn Oldenhof, 1, with Meg Smith and daughter Claire Smith, four weeks. Picture: Zach Relph (Feb 14, 2018)
KGM-0038431 © WestPix Future of E-Cigs: 28 year old vaper Sam Milton. Photo by Michael Wilson, The West Australian.
KGM-0038432 © WestPix Youth mayor Amy Astill. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038433 © WestPix Franchise's Kevin Pita and Hayden Hutchenson against CBC's Riley Duncan.
KGM-0038434 © WestPix Elijiah Young, 9, Xavier Young, 7 and Riley Young, 18 months. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038435 © WestPix Steve Sandrini and Roslyn Sandrini. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038436 © WestPix Saint's player Krystle Fitzpatrick. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038437 © WestPix Saint's players Krystle Fitzpatrick and Romy Wynands defend Kate Sidebottom. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038438 © WestPix Saint's player Aaliyah Forrest. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038439 © WestPix Olympians Tenique Tucker and Saint's player Romy Wynands. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038440 © WestPix Saint's player Stephanie Beck. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038441 © WestPix Olympians Shelby Dickhart with Saints' Stephanie Beck. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038442 © WestPix Great Boulder batsmen Carl Salmon. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038443 © WestPix Hannan's Jonathan Brodala celebrates a wicket. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038444 © WestPix Hannan's wicketkeeper Darcy Klemm. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038445 © WestPix Hannan's wicketkeeper Darcy Klemm and Great Boulder's Ryan Gallagher. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038446 © WestPix Hannan's Dom De Carvalho Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038447 © WestPix Hannan's bowler Gavin Baillif. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038448 © WestPix Great Boulder batsman Josh Rushmore. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038449 © WestPix Nicola Murdoch and Matt Dadd. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038450 © WestPix Karissa Zappelli and Ros Jenkin. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038451 © WestPix Giovanna Lorusso, Asher Polgar and Ayako Kusui.  Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038452 © WestPix Chelsie Kavanagh and Maxine Grest. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038453 © WestPix Allison Golsby and Kim Eckert. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038454 © WestPix Di Newell and Kathryn Jensen. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038455 © WestPix Gina Price and Jayne Henderson. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038456 © WestPix Carol Campbell and Karen Crouch. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038457 © WestPix Dilek Ozdemir and Paulus Wongso. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038458 © WestPix Julia Rowatt and David Segui. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038459 © WestPix Kylie Ward and Pearl Wootton. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038460 © WestPix Jamie Stratton and Amy Cyprian. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038461 © WestPix The Women in Mining crew. Back: Rowena Olsen, Alison Golsby and Kathryn Jensen. Front: Di Newell, Jess Wright and Jess Kinnersly. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038462 © WestPix Guest speaker Cecile Thaxter at the Women in Mining event. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038463 © WestPix Cecile Thaxter. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038464 © WestPix A 32-year-old Boulder Man has been charged for driving three times over the drink-driving limit after crashing into a tree in West Lamington on Saturday. Picture: Jason Mennell
KGM-0038465 © WestPix Police forensic attends to the Hannan Street crime scene. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038466 © WestPix The Great Boulder cricket team with the Trevor Nitschke Memorial Trophy for winning this season's Eastern Goldfields Cricket Association Twenty20 title. Picture: Neil Watkinson
KGM-0038467 © WestPix Twenty20 Boys Junior teammates Matthew Smart, 9, Clinton Hoare, 11 and Oliver Grace, 11. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038468 © WestPix Marley Kelman, 8 and Debbie Kelman. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038469 © WestPix Fletcher Edwards, 10 and Ryan Edwards. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038470 © WestPix Dave Lowe with Zac. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038471 © WestPix Gary Brown and Allan Pendal. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038472 © WestPix Josh Harper, Chris Winn and Charlie Edwards, 7. Picture: Kelsey Reid
SWT-1404471 © WestPix Bunbury's Sean Pollard believes he will be selected to participate in this year's Winter Paralympic Games. Picture: Mitchell Woodcock
KGM-0038473 © WestPix Ashton, 13 and Jack, 10, are big fans of Ronan, the newest Reed family member. Picture: Noor Gillani
KGM-0038474 © WestPix Kim Seinor and his 1927 Chevrolet are no strangers to life on the road. Picture: Andrew Murdoch
KGM-0038475 © WestPix Ronan is a mischievous short-furred ginger who likes to tease the dogs. Picture: Noor Gillani
KGM-0038476 © WestPix Ronan is a mischievous short-furred ginger who likes to tease the dogs. Picture: Noor Gillani
KGM-0038477 © WestPix Beth is a calm guinea pig who enjoys eating more than physical activity. Pictures: Noor Gillani
KGM-0038478 © WestPix Heavy hitter gold miners gather in Perth to protest the proposed gold tax. Sandeep Biswas of Newcrest Mining. Picture: Sharon Smith The West Australian
KGM-0038479 © WestPix Jazzy keeps her spirits high despite dealing with her sister's death. Picture: Noor Gillani
KGM-0038480 © WestPix Jake Martin, Brandon Holloway and Kosta Stojanovski are in the Goldfields Giants squad for the upcoming season. Picture: Neil Watkinson
KGM-0038481 © WestPix Goldrush's Darby Lindsay. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038482 © WestPix Veteran's Craig McCrystal. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038483 © WestPix Ross Craig. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038484 © WestPix David Rainsford. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038485 © WestPix Shane Pullena and Ross Craig. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038486 © WestPix Ross Craig, Joe Kennedy, Shane Pullen and Paul Hayes. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038487 © WestPix Joe Kennedy. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038488 © WestPix Joe Kennedy. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038489 © WestPix Joe Kennedy and David Rainsford. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038490 © WestPix Shane Pullen, Ross Craig and David Rainsford. Picture: Kelsey Reid
KGM-0038491 © WestPix The Calais V has a sleek exterior. Picture: Noor Gillani
KGM-0038492 © WestPix The Calais V has a sleek exterior. Picture: Noor Gillani
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