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Images on Westpix represent just a portion of our photographic archives. If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us.

CTY-0004609 © WestPix PING Inspire Summit guest speakers Renaye Stokes, of Chapman Valley, Megs Kopke, of Dardanup, and Annette Thomas, of Mingenew. Picture: Cally Dupe
CTY-0004610 © WestPix The Rural, Remote and Regional Women's Network of WA board members Fiona Palmer, of Pingaring, Jackie Jarvis, of Margaret River, Anna Oades, of Donnybrook, Debbie Dowden, of Mount Magnet, and Maria Bolten-Magnay, of Kununurra. Picture: Cally Dupe
CTY-0004611 © WestPix Mullewa residents Tarleah Thomas and Julie Freeman. Picture: Cally Dupe
CTY-0004612 © WestPix Veronica Davies, of Coorow, and Betty-Lou Haydon, of Morowa. Picture: Cally Dupe
CTY-0004613 © WestPix Jessica Oliver, of New Norcia, and Sarra Riddick, of Calingiri. Picture: Cally Dupe
CTY-0004614 © WestPix Pastoralists Evan and Robin Pensini from Cheela Plains Station presented a petition to Agriculture Minister Alannah MacTiernan. It was signed by 7000 supporters calling on the Minister to reform outdated laws which are holding back opportunities for tourism and other diversification options in the Outback. Picture: Ian Munro The West Australian 28/03/18
CTY-0004615 © WestPix Bronwyn Fox, of Dandaragan, and Erin Gorter, of Fremantle. Picture: Cally Dupe
CTY-0004616 © WestPix Rachael Plowman, of Kojonup, Naomi Obst, of Mingenew, and Janet Evans, of Boyup Brook. Picture: Cally Dupe
CTY-0004617 © WestPix Caroline Duggan, of Yerecoin, Alys McKeough, of Carey Downs Station, Stephanie Clarke, of Bolgart, and Ruth Young, of Calingiri. Picture: Cally Dupe
CTY-0004618 © WestPix Julie Ramm, of Dumbleyung, Tracey Ebert, of Ravensthorpe, Rabobank regional manager Crawford Taylor, and PING Inspire Summit coordinator Erin Green, of Chapman Valley. Picture: Cally Dupe
CTY-0004619 © WestPix Jo Hayes, of Quairading, Michelle Slarke, of Lake Grace, Karen Baker, of Pingaring, and Yvette Downey, of Lake Grace. Picture: Cally Dupe
CTY-0004620 © WestPix Jim Engelke. Picture: Cally Dupe
CTY-0004621 © WestPix Cotton growing in the Ord Irrigation Scheme. Picture: Cally Dupe
CTY-0004622 © WestPix Jim Engelke in raised beds. Picture: Cally Dupe
CTY-0004623 © WestPix Moora Braham cattle farmer Murray Grey at his  Moora property, which is used primarily to background cattle from the the family's 197,000-hectare Pilbara cattle station.
CTY-0004624 © WestPix AMSEA executive officer Ben Swain opens up a fleece from progeny of sire evaluation trial ram, Rhamily Poll 110330, at the Merino Lifetime Productivity Project field day at Pingelly. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0004625 © WestPix AWI's Geoff Lindon and Pingelly MLP site manager Bronwyn Clarke, pictured with the sire evaluation progeny at the MLP Pingelly field day. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0004626 © WestPix New Regional Development Australia director regional development Mandy Walker. Picture: Rueben Hale
CTY-0004596 © WestPix WA Governor Kerry Sanderson opened the Farming Champions Annual Farmer on Your Plate Day, held at Yagan Square on Friday. Picture: Rueben Hale
CTY-0004598 © WestPix Homemade Kitchen owner Kylie Ward sampling out pure butter made from Bannister Downs milk to Farming Champions commitee member Beth McDonnell. Picture: Rueben Hale
CTY-0004600 © WestPix Organisers of Farmer On Your Plate Day 2018 have brought the best of what WA farming has to offer to Yagan Square in Perth. Pictured is event organiser and Kukerin farmer Mary Nenke of Cambinata Yabbies. Picture: Rueben Hale
TWA-0087375 © WestPix (L) Leilani Leyland, secretary of Farming Champions, with Blaine Campbell, owner of Honey I'm Home at her Yagan Square store. Picture: Megan Powell The West Australian.
TWA-0087221 © WestPix Tony Girgis, CEO of Brownes Dairy. Picture: Simon Santi The West Australian
CTY-0004522 © WestPix Judge Sandy Forbes and Kaya Dorper and White Dorpers stud manager Wicus Du Plessis with the grand champion ram. Picture: Rueben Hale
CTY-0004523 © WestPix Agriculture Minister Alannah McTiernan. Picture: Jon Gellweiler
CTY-0004524 © WestPix Brownes managing director Tony Girgis with yogurt pouches, which is one of the many new products the company has introduced to dominate the dairy market categories in Australia. Picture: Rueben Hale
CTY-0004525 © WestPix Sandstone pastoralist Lana Lefroy (left) with daughter Sena Lefroy, who is head girl at Moora College, at the protest rally held on the steps of Parlaiment on Tuesday.
CTY-0004526 © WestPix Moora College protest outside parliament house today. Picture: Ian Munro The West Australian 13/03/18
CTY-0004527 © WestPix Bourne Events model Lisa Wyse, centre, dressed in a Jenderwarra fleece posed with her colleagues Joyce Gonsaga, Adora Bonadeo, Samantha Parmenter and Hannah Cavanagh, who wore woollen high-fashion designs courtesy of Peter Scanlan Wools. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0004528 © WestPix Poultry breeder Peter Strike and judge Grame Hopf with the Old English Game exhibit at Woolorama. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0004529 © WestPix Lietenant Peter Velterop, Honorary Aide-de-Camp, Shire of Quairading chief executive Graeme Fardon, WA Governor Kerry Sanderson and Wheatbelt Development Commission chief executive Wendy Newman at the Women's Economic Independence conference held in Quairading last Thursday.
CTY-0004530 © WestPix Elders stud stock agent Michael O'Neill, judge Sandy Forbes and Kaya Dorper and White Dorpers stud manager Wicus Du Plessis with the grand champion ram. Picture: Rueben Hale
CTY-0004531 © WestPix Nathan and Julie Ditchburn, of Golden Hill White Suffolk stud, of Kukerin, and their children Matilda and Thomas were pictured with their British and Australasian interbreed champion ram exhibit at Wagin Woolorama. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0004532 © WestPix Chris Hogg and Mitchell Hogg, of Navanvale stud, Williams, were pictured with their supreme champion exhibit, Navanvale Holty, a 4-tooth medium wool Meirno ram which judges awarded at the Wagin Woolorama Merino & Poll Merino sheep section. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0004533 © WestPix Shirlee Downs stud's Jake Squires, judge Warren Garlick and Shirlee Downs principal Chris Squires with the grand champion Prime Samm ewe. Picture: Rueben Hale
CTY-0004534 © WestPix With the grand champion Poll Merino ram, exhibited by Seymour Park stud, were judges Wayne Button, Wayne Lehmann, John Croake and Seymour Park stud co-principal Clinton Blight, of Highbury. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0004535 © WestPix Adrian Squires, of Shirlee Downs Poll Dorset stud, Quairading, with his daughters Danika and Stella were pictured with their 'best in the shed' supreme exhibit of the British and Australasian sheep breed competition at Wagin Woolorama. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0004536 © WestPix Pamellen Suffolk stud co-principal Pam Hinkley (front) with the grand champion ewe. (back) Edlers stud and stock manager Tim Spicer, judge Roy Addis and Pamellen co-principal Suellyn Boucher. Picture Rueben Hale.
CTY-0004537 © WestPix Judge Peter Angus and Golden Hill stud principal Nathan Ditchburn with the grand champion ram.
CTY-0004538 © WestPix Russel Meaton and Heather Meaton, of Misty Hills stud, Kojonup, pictured with their supreme fleece exhibit, shorn from a superfine ram. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0004539 © WestPix The star attractions at Wagin Woolorama were Chris Hogg, of Navanvale Merino stud, Williams, pictured with his supreme exhibit, Navanvale Holty, and the team of Bourne Events models all wearing high fashion woollen designs courtsey of Peter Scanlan Wools. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0004540 © WestPix With the winning Countryman Cup pair of one ram and one ewe, exhibited by Navanvale stud, were judges John Croake and Wayne Button, Navanvale stud co-principal Chris Hogg, handler Trevor Patterson and judge Wayne Lehmann. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0004541 © WestPix Rough stock rider Wade McCarthy put in one of the best performances at the UniGrain Wagin Rodeo - awarded all round cowboy and winning the prize of a silver belt buckle. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0004542 © WestPix Damien Boyle was just too good at Woolorama taking out the open and placing first in the State shear-off competition. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0004543 © WestPix The wool handling team at Wagin Woolorama's Clean Shears competition. Picture: Bob Garnant
TWA-0086585 © WestPix CBH chairman Wally Newman stands in an oat crop on his farm south-east of Newdegate. He was back in town for the Newdegate Machinery Field Days. SEPTEMBER 2 2015 Picture: Danella Bevis The West Australian
CTY-0004493 © WestPix Brian Barnett, of Seven Oaks Stud, with his supreme champion Merino ram of the 1998 Perth Royal Show. Picture: Mal Fairclough
CTY-0004494 © WestPix With the $17,000 top-priced bull, Blackrock M42, were stud co-principal Ken MacLeay, of Vasse, centre, and buyers Graham and Mark Darlow, of Espercance. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0004495 © WestPix Merredin is Australia's capital for the biggest difference between single men and women aged 20-24  there are 394 single blokes in that age group for every 100 single women, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistic. Pictured - Henry Hooper, Luke Swarts and Tom Melville Picture: Daniel Wilkins
CTY-0004496 © WestPix Santa Gertrudis Breeders' Association classifer Russell Gray spoke on the essential qualities required to brand cattle with a 'S' classification. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0004497 © WestPix Kimberely pastoral cattle producer Keith Anderson discussed MSA updates with MLA's officer Jarrod Lees. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0004498 © WestPix With the record stud $15,000 top-priced Poll Hereford bull, Terraneil Hughie M001, were Narrogin College of Agriculture student Courtney Buckley and buyer Paul Treasure, of Wandering. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0004499 © WestPix Angus breeder Sam Adams at his Walebing farm. Picture: Rueben Hale
CTY-0004500 © WestPix With the overall $11,250 second top-priced bull, Terraneil Boston M030, were buyers Shane and Nicola Kelliher, of Wandering, and their son John. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0004501 © WestPix Commercial cattleman Stephen Jackson, of Rimrock Grazing, Boyup Brook, secured the $7000 top-priced Angus bull, Islay Mandalong M1. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0004502 © WestPix With the $6000 top-priced Red Poll bull, Red Sands Unison L172, were Yongerellen stud principal Murray Williams, of Quairading, and Elders agent Steele Hathway. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0004503 © WestPix With the $9000 top-priced Black Market Angus bull, were buyer Rohan Toovey, of Cranbrook, and Black Market co-principal Paul Torrisi, of Boyanup. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0004504 © WestPix With the $7750 top-priced Murray Grey bull, Young Guns Midas M65, was Young Guns stud principal Lindsay Bagshaw, of Hyden. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0004505 © WestPix With the equal $4000 top-priced Shorthorn bull, Talgarth Redman L125, were Daniel and Kirralee Price, of Talgarth stud, of Bindoon, and buyer Shane Kelliher, of Wandering, and farm hand Sam Cromb. Picture: Bob Garnant
SUN-1404390 © WestPix Scenes in a shearing shed in Witchcliffe, just past Margaret River. Pictured - The shearers take a nap during the lunch break. Picture: Daniel Wilkins
SUN-1404391 © WestPix Scenes in a shearing shed in Witchcliffe, just past Margaret River. Pictured - Leo "The Legend" Kelly, retired farmer, wool classer. Picture: Daniel Wilkins
SUN-1404392 © WestPix Scenes in a shearing shed in Witchcliffe, just past Margaret River. Pictured - The hands of Brad Gilson. Picture: Daniel Wilkins
SUN-1404393 © WestPix Scenes in a shearing shed in Witchcliffe, just past Margaret River. Pictured - Jessica Charles from France. Picture: Daniel Wilkins
SUN-1404394 © WestPix Scenes in a shearing shed in Witchcliffe, just past Margaret River. Pictured - Adrian Barker (aka Nudge) with daughter Hayley Barker (17). Picture: Daniel Wilkins
SUN-1404395 © WestPix Scenes in a shearing shed in Witchcliffe, just past Margaret River. Pictured - James Carr with Dusty (3 y.o. Kelpie) and Cruiser (6 month old kelpie). Picture: Daniel Wilkins.
SUN-1404396 © WestPix Scenes in a shearing shed in Witchcliffe, just past Margaret River. Pictured - Greg Gray adds another sheep to the counter. Picture: Daniel Wilkins
SUN-1404397 © WestPix Scenes in a shearing shed in Witchcliffe, just past Margaret River. Pictured - Tarryn Gray (20) watches on as Hayley Barker (17) has a go at shearing. Picture: Daniel Wilkins
SUN-1404398 © WestPix Scenes in a shearing shed in Witchcliffe, just past Margaret River. Pictured - Jessica Charles from France, Hayley Barker and Greg Gray. Picture: Daniel Wilkins
SUN-1404399 © WestPix Scenes in a shearing shed in Witchcliffe, just past Margaret River. Pictured - Tarryn Gray (20) hard at work, with dad Greg, Adrian Barker and Brad Gibson in the background. Picture: Daniel Wilkins
SUN-1404400 © WestPix Scenes in a shearing shed in Witchcliffe, just past Margaret River. Pictured - Hayley Barker (17). Picture: Daniel Wilkins
SUN-1404401 © WestPix Scenes in a shearing shed in Witchcliffe, just past Margaret River. Pictured - Brad Gilson recently returned to shearing. Picture: Daniel Wilkins
CTY-0004451 © WestPix Rocklea station cattle manager John Forrester, of Parabadoo, bought his first Red Angus bulls to go over Droughtmaster cows to open up more marketing options. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0004452 © WestPix Tara M38 is one of seven Limousin bulls on offer from the Tara stud at the Gingin Bull Sale on March 1. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0004453 © WestPix Manager of Premium Grain Handlers John Orr is concerned about the effect of Indian tariffs on the industry. Picture: Megan Powell The West Australian.
CTY-0004454 © WestPix Rose De Bruin and Charles De Bruin with the noxious weed cotton bush around their Cardup property.  Picture: Ian Munro The West Australian 13/02/18
CTY-0004455 © WestPix Nuffield Scholars 2018 Boyd Carter (Wubin), Andrew Slade (West Kendenup), Dylan Hirsch (Latham), Luke McKay (Kununurra) and Dudley Mitchell (Bunbury). Picture: Cally Dupe
CTY-0004456 © WestPix Mukinbudin dorper producers Robin Smith and Clare Smith at farm located about 30km from the town. Picture: Rueben Hale
CTY-0004457 © WestPix Monterey stud co-principal Gary Buller, of Karridale, pictured with the $18,000 top-priced Murray Grey bull, Monterey Momentum M24, with Elders agent Michael Carroll, and Landmark agent Taaffe, looking on. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0004458 © WestPix Monterey Mirage M101, sold for $15,500. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0004459 © WestPix Monterey Murray Grey bulls reach a top-price of $18,000. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0004460 © WestPix Harris Thompson, of Ventura Angus stud, Boyup Brook, secured a partnership in a PTIC cow/calf unit. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0004461 © WestPix Manjimup superfine woolgrower Ron Niven, third left, pictured with his wife Jennifer Jones-Niven, daughter Tammy, Dyson Jones agent Peter Ryan, daughters Sarah and Rhonda. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0004462 © WestPix Cookalabi M26 is one of ten Angus bulls to be offered from the stud at the Gingin Bull Sale on March 1. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0004463 © WestPix Sheep farmers Dawson Bradford and Rob Mullan with Agriculture Minister Alannah MacTiernan at Dumas House for the launch of LambEx. Picture: Mogens Johansen, The West Australian
CTY-0004464 © WestPix Mungatta Qandahar M44 is one of 12 Murray Grey bulls on offer at the Gingin Bull Sale on March 1. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0004465 © WestPix Jonathan Green, whose great-grandfather Ernest Green established what is now Harvey Beef in 1919, has been appointed the livestock buyer for Ernest Green brand to be launched at Spud Shed, Farmer Jacks and IGA on the weekend. Picture: Rueben Hale
CTY-0004466 © WestPix With the $7750 top-priced bull, Jutland Morgan Z7JM10, were Jutland Park Red Angus stud co-principal Guy Jellicoe, of Serpentine, and buyer Adin Elliot, of Eneabba. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0004426 © WestPix Displaying their best priced Merino fleece wool were Bridgetown sheep producer and woolgrower Ken Armstrong, right, pictured with his daughter, Belinda Meehan, of Roleystone, farming neighbor Bardy McFarlane, and Dyson Jones agent Lyndon Hosking. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0004427 © WestPix Order of Australia Medal (general division) recipient John Henwood at his Gingin cattle farm. The 50-year Kimberley cattle industry veteran was awarded the honour for service to the cattle breeding industry. Picture: Reuben Hale
CTY-0004428 © WestPix Moora-based Cunninghmam Ag Services Mike Douthie is concerned about where they will be able to find trainee field technicians if the local high school closes as a result of the Moora Residential College closing.
CTY-0004429 © WestPix While Labor has reversed the cuts to School of the Air and Northam Residential, the fight to keep Moora Residential College open continues. Pictured: Local business owner Julie Walsh, Central Midlands Senior High School P&C president Tracey Errington and chairperson Melissa Cameron and Moora Shire chief executive Alan Leeson at the college sign, which wa
CTY-0004430 © WestPix Terraneil stud co-principal Terry Woods said cattle producers should consider the Poll Hereford for its highly productive and profitable crossbreeding influence suited to WA conditions. Picture: Bob Garnant
CTY-0004431 © WestPix Nathan King and Jodie King with daughters Matilda King and Darcy King . Picture: Laura Grubisa
CTY-0004432 © WestPix AWI woolgrower services manager Graham Curry, ICON Agriculture Andrew Ritchie, Wagin Football Club coach Paul Duffield, Wagin Woolorama merino steward Peter Foley. Picture: Cally Dupe
CTY-0004433 © WestPix Moora District High School students (back) Henry Lefroy, 9, Samuel Cameron, 13, Jack Crago, 13, James Partridge, 9, Zachary Cameron, 9, (front) Yerecoin student Eilidh Manning, 4, Moora student Lucy Cameron, 6, and Yerecoin student Aaron Manning, 5. Picture: Cally Dupe
CTY-0004403 © WestPix Will Higham (Williams) and Dylan Hirsch (Latham). Picture: Cally Dupe
CTY-0004404 © WestPix Katiejean Enright (York), Amy Pannell (Perth), Rebecca Hewton (Perth), and Veronika Crouch (Corrigin). Picture: Cally Dupe
CTY-0004405 © WestPix Kate Pannell (Perth), Kirra Thompson (Latham) and Laura Kerr (Carnamah). Picture: Cally Dupe
CTY-0004406 © WestPix Samantha Tohl (Kojonup), Raelene Parker (Kojonup), and Amy Richardson (Perth). Picture: Cally Dupe
CTY-0004407 © WestPix Cale Beard (Cunderdin), Phil Honey (Esperance), Elly McKenny (Lake Grace) and Tim Della Bosca (Westonia). Picture: Cally Dupe
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