Frequently Asked Questions

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Searching for Items

Can I search without being registered?

Yes, all users on our site can search for items without being registered.

How do I find the image or cartoon I'm looking for?

Use the search bar on the homepage or the search function displayed at the top of every page. A Refined Search is also available on the left of the screen. You can search based on description, date, publication, keywords and more.

How do I find the front page I'm looking for?

To Find a specific front page click select 'Exact' under "Timing" in the Refine Search bar at the left of the screen and type in the date of the page you're looking for. Please note: front pages are available for The West Australian newspaper only between the dates 2 July 2001 - present. Historical front pages are available on request. Please Contact Us to order an historical front page.

Why can't I find the photo I saw in the newspaper?

Images taken by our photographers are generally loaded on to the site within 24 hours of appearing in the newspaper. If the image you have seen in the newspaper cannot be found on Westpix the photograph may not be our copyright in which case we are unable to make it available.

What do I do if I can't find the items I'm searching for?

Please Contact Us with as much detail as possible about the image, cartoon or page you're looking for.

Why does the photo on Westpix look different to what I saw in the newspaper?

Printing techniques mean the colour of images printed in the newspaper will vary from the original digital file. Images printed in the paper may also be cropped to fit the space available so the image you see on Westpix may be larger because it is the full original image taken by the photographer.

Can I save the images I'm considering?

Yes. Add images to a favourites lightbox by clicking the icon on the image preview. Once you have registered and signed in you can create unlimited lightboxes with as many items as you like. These images can be viewed at a later date by you or people you share them with. Lightboxes can be saved by a project name and are linked to your registered account. Watermarked previews can also be downloaded from items in your lighboxes if needed. See the 'Favourites Lightboxes' FAQ for more information.

Digital files

What is the small digital file for?

This a small internet ready file specifically for personal use. That is, for social networking sites such as Facebook. if you wish to use this file on a commercial website, or special-interest site (educational, charity or hobbyist, and so on) then you need to contact us. There is a different tariff for non-personal use.

Why can't I download larger digital files?

These are not available for personal use.

Can I copy my print or scan it for digital use?

No. Under our terms and conditions, which you ticked as you checked out, your print is for personal use only. You cannot reproduce it by any method. The copyright remains with West Australian Newspapers Limited.

Favourites Lightboxes

What is a favourites lightbox?

A favourites lightbox is a private page where you can save items. To create or view a lightbox, you must be a registered user and be signed in. You may save one or several lightboxes so that items may be viewed at a later time by either you, your co-workers, and/or clients. Lightboxes can be saved by the project name you give them and are linked to your registered account.

How many favourites lightboxes can I have?

You can have an unlimited number of lightboxes. However, be aware that if you have thousands of lightboxes it may effect the loading time when dislaying all the lightbox names in a search results page.

How many items can I have in a favourites lightbox?

You can have an unlimited number of items in a lightbox. However, be aware that if you have thousands of items in a lightbox it may effect the loading time when working with the lightbox in the Lightbox Manager pages.

Can I have duplicate items in a favourites lightbox?

No. A lightbox can't have duplicate items.


Can I email favourites lightboxes?   

Yes, and it can be done by using the Lightbox Manager page. When you email a lightbox, you can choose to allow the recipient to remove items from your lightbox and to change the comments and notes. The recipient doesn't have to be signed in to view and change your lightbox.

Can I upload and download favourites lightboxes?

Yes, and it can be done by using the Lightbox Manager page. When you download a lightbox, it will be saved as a tabbed delimited text file. You can upload the lightbox to the site at any time. You can give the lightbox file to another user, and that user can upload the file to the site in that user's account. Note that you can't download a lightbox from a different site and upload it to this site, and vise versa.

Ordering Items

Why are some frame sizes not available for the image I choose?

The dimensions of an image sometimes won't fit a particular frame size so these frame sizes will not be available for that particular image. For example a square image will not fit in a rectangular frame so to avoid receiving an unsuitable item some frame sizes are not offered for some images.

When ordering a print why can I only zoom in to a certain size?

It depends on the resolution of the image. The software is designed to only allow the zoom.

How do I get detailed information about an item?

The preview page has an Information icon which pops up a window that lists the available download sizes.

Is it safe to use my credit card on this site?

Yes. When you begin the checkout process, the security icon on your browser will go from being an "unlocked" icon to a "locked" icon. This means that information you enter such as your credit card type, credit card number, billing address, and phone numbers will be encrypted and secured.

How do I get terms so I can be billed regularly?

Please contact us directly to arrange payment terms.

What if my company is tax exempt?

If you are a company with tax exempt status, you'll need to contact us directly in order to arrange payment without taxation. Please be prepared to fax supporting documentation that demonstrates your tax exempt status.

Downloading Items

How do I download a comp?

You can download a comp from a preview page. If the page doesn't have a Download Comp link, you can opt to download the comp from the preview item itself.

What do I do if I purchased and item and can't get it to download?

If you've purchased an item and can't get it to download, then contact us and we'll either correct the problem on our site or arrange another method of delivering the item to you.

What if I'm behind a firewall?

The site will still work for you in most cases. However, in order to place orders on this website you'll need to make a secure connection to the website. In order to do this, your firewall must permit traffic on port 443. If you're uncertain on what this means, consult the documentation for your firewall or contact your system administrator.

Licensing Items

What does Royalty Free mean?

Royalty-free items may be used by you multiple times for multiple projects without incurring additional fees. Royalty-free pricing is based on the file size of the product and the number of people entitled to use it, not the specific use. However, the rights granted are non-transferable and are personal to you. This means that if you license a royalty-free item to be used for a project by your client or any other person, they may not use the licensed item separately from that specific project. Royalty-free licenses are always non-exclusive.  All royalty-free products are subject to our Copyright Licence Agreement.

What does Rights Managed mean?

Rights-managed items have a limit to your use depending on several factors such as the specific project, size, distribution, medium, and time-frame. Rights-managed pricing varies with these factors and not the file size of the product. To reuse the item later on or for additional uses, you need to re-license it. Because it can't be used over and over without limits. All rights-managed products are subject to our Copyright Licence Agreement.

Can I use a Comp for free?

Yes, but you may use it for comping only.

Do I own an item once I purchase it?

No. You're not buying the item outright but rather purchasing a copyright licence that grants you specific rights to use the item. Ownership and copyright of all items always resides with us. For purchasing rights beyond the terms, please contact us.

What are your Use Restrictions?

All content is supplied for use as specified in your Copyright Licence and must not be used in any other way. Furthermore, you may not make or permit any alterations, including and without limitation; additions, subtractions or adaptations, to any image, except for cropping, contrast, brightness and color balance consistent with general reproduction requirements.

When I license an item, who owns the copyright to it?

West Australian Newspapers Limited retains ownership rights to all items that are licensed through our Site.

Managing Orders

How do I make a purchase without using a credit card?

Commercial and Editorial customers may apply for a House Account. Once approved, you'll be able to make purchases by using your House Account number.

We also accept Paypal for Personal, Editorial and Commercial customers.

How do I find information about my past orders?

To view your past orders, you use the Past Orders page.

How do I download items from one of my past orders?

You use the Past Orders page to get to your receipt. From the receipt page, you'll be able to download the item(s).

How do I update my contact details?

You can update your contact details by using the Change Profile page.

What is your returns policy?

Your order is accepted as soon as you have paid for it. Due to the customised nature of the product we are unable to accept returns so please choose carefully. If your order is damaged, please contact us immediately.


What is the Date Reference?

The Date Reference generally refers to the date the image was published, or in the case of unpublished images, the date the image was processed and entered into our archive. The actual date the image was taken is sometimes stated in the caption. If you need to know the date an image was taken and it's not in the caption please contact us and we will find out for you. Please note that exact dates are not known for some historical images.